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SRM captures a high percentage of available sun as heat, and uses this energy to mold finished plastic parts.  The value of the energy is ‘stored’ in the finished parts – which can be accumulated and delivered to market as desired.  Solar Rotational Molding is uniquely valuable in emerging markets:

Better Reliability
In many parts of the developing world, ‘grid-tied’ energy is unreliable and expensive.  SRM offers a more consistent energy source even given normal weather variations at a lower cost.  LightManufacturing uses CSP (concentrated solar power) to deliver reliable sustainable manufacturing with lower costs.


Many developing markets are plagued with dirty-burning industrial processes.  As these areas’ economies grow, greenhouse gas and particulate emissions are projected to increase exponentially.   SRM provides a path to economic growth without these negative side effects.  Carbon Credit generation potential is strong with LightManufacturing’s SRM process.

“Last Resort” Economic Activity

SRM can be implemented far from population centers, in areas where lack of water or soil quality makes agricultural production, and most other economic activity impossible. Ordinary roads, rail lines, or waterways can be used to periodically pick up finished rotomolded parts and deliver raw materials.  No expensive power-transmission lines are required to move the output of the facility to market (as is required for solar electric power).

Lowest Cost Sustainable Manufacturing Process

SRM is far more economical than solar electricity production due to:
• Higher efficiencies SRM is over 75% thermally efficient, as opposed to Solar Electric’s typical efficiencies of 25%.  More solar energy is turned into useful work in SRM than in Solar Electric generation.
• MUCH lower capital costs – both for the production facility and because no long-distance electrical transmission lines are required for SRM.

Sustainable manufacturing using concentrated solar power ( CSP ).

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