Solar Rotational Molding (SRM) is unique among sustainable manufacturing processes in that it highly competitive with the traditional process it displaces without subsidies.  The table below summarizes some of the key metrics.
SRM Traditional
Typical System Cost Varies, $50K to $150K $300K$1M +
Energy Cost % of Finished Product 0 10% to 30%
ROI 15% 9%
IRR 299% 185%
Site Requirements Flat or sloped unimproved land Industrial building w/ concrete pad
Grid-Tie Needed? No Yes gas and electric
Sensitive to energy costs? No one-time investment in heliostat array. Yes cost and profitability directly related to energy cost
System Installed Size 60′ x 60′ and up Varies, 45′ x 45′ to much larger
Building Required? No Yes (concrete pad / steel )
Installation Environmental Impact Minimal: @75% of plot unaffected (can be used for low-rise crops) Major: permanent concrete pad, all wildlife displaced, no secondary uses
Permanent Site Impact Minimal, systems can be de-installed with minimal effort Significant, permanent building
LEED Credit Potential? Significant zero carbon process, and can mold recycled plastic Minor, IF used to mold recycled plastic
Quick Setup Yes No
Compact System / Lightweight Elements for Shipping Yes No