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I live outside the USA – can I order a heliostat?

Yes!  But understand:  mirror size makes a big impact on shipping costs.

  • If you order a standard 4′ x 4′ (1.5m x 1.5m) mirror, international shipping cost alone will likely be @ $2000* because we have to ship the order as ‘Palletized” freight.    Note that Canada and Mexico costs are probably less, because they can be reached by ground shipment.
  • We can ship a smaller 30″ x 30″ mirror (76cm x 76cm) by parcel post.  For most of the world shipping cost is @ $600*.
  • Another option: we ship the gearbox system only, and you supply the mirror.  Shipping costs via USPS Priority Mail @ $350*.   We recommend an Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) mirror, 3mm thickness, similar to Dibond Mirror Material ( https://www.display.3acomposites.com/dibond.html ).

* Disclaimer:  shipping prices are estimates only and are not guaranteed, and were provided as of 5/2020.  Do not rely on these figures – get a formal quote from us!