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Isn’t All Plastic and Plastic Molding Environmentally ‘Bad’?

Rotational molding, and Solar Rotational Molding (SRM) can use a variety of plastics – including virgin (new) material, and recycled material.  New plastic made from fossil fuel sources has environmental issues, but the longevity and reliability of rotationally molded plastic parts can make them compelling ‘green’ choices over the life of the product – particularly if some recycled content is used.

Thermoplastic objects are highly recyclable, a significant benefit in end-of-life reuse.  Solar Rotational Molding is an excellent way to close the loop and reuse post industrial and post consumer plastic for new products.  Finally, new plant-based plastics offer a source for high performance, rotationally-molded materials.

By removing energy costs from the molding process, SRM makes molding ANY plastic more sustainable and affordable, while reducing greenhouse gas and particulate emissions.  SRM applies Concentrated Solar Power / CSP to a globally-deployed industrial ”smokestack process”, and converts it into a sustainable manufacturing process – a cleantech ‘good citizen’.