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Where Can I Install a Heliostat?

We’re often asked where heliostats can be installed.   While there are some great software tools to help ( https://www.suncalc.org/ ), there’s a simple process anyone can follow.

  • Do you have an often-sunny location where you plan to put a heliostat?
  • Stand in that location at the time of day you want to reflect light to your ‘target’ (that is, your home’s windows, a porch, etc).
  • Using a hand mirror, attempt to reflect light onto your desired target. 
  • If YOU are able to reflect light onto the target, so can our H1 Heliostat once correctly adjusted.

Note that you should check morning, midday, and afternoon to be sure you can reflect light throughout the day.

Note also that the sun’s path will change with the seasons – remember how the sun’s path differs at other times of the year.  Use a tool like https://www.suncalc.org/ to check the path for different pats of the year.

DISCLAIMER:  This process depends on you doing it correctly, is for informative planning purposes only, and we don’t guarantee results without a formal, paid solar survey.   This said, for most projects the above method is a useful preview of the H1 heliostat’s performance at your location.