Unlimited heat and light for factories, offices, homes, and more!

Heliostats are computer-controlled mirrors which keep the sun reflected on a target as the sun moves across the sky. The LightManufacturing H1™ heliostat delivers over 1300 watts of heat to a target – or over 150,000 lumens for lighting applications. The H1 offers the lowest cost-per-reflected watt of any commercially available heliostat. Easy setup, optional wireless control.

Combine multiple H1 heliostats for unlimited heating & lighting power.   The H1 moves rapidly between targets – useful for sustainable manufacturing applications or residential day-lighting or building heating.  LightManufacturing’s general purpose H1 Heliostat is simple, low cost, and reliable. New option:  Vacuum Adjustable 100x Concentrating Mirror The H1 joins your WiFi network, and is configured and targeted using your smart phone or web browser.  No special software required!  Once targeted, the on-board computer tracks the sun and keeps the reflection on-target – your phone or browser is no longer needed.

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  Media List (left): Video showing real-time heliostat movement Still photo, H1 heliostat Beach Testing, Long-Range Reflection Home Use – Before / After Lighting Application (one H1 heliostat)

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