LightManufacturing heliostats are an essential tool for sustaining plant life in courtyards, buildings, terraces, and other architectural features that lack sufficient sunlight.  Our heliostats mirrors allow trees and large plants to survive in courtyards and atriums that dont’ provide sufficient natural light.  Using these heliostats,  arborists can securely transplant large trees (Oaks, Palms, and other species) to new construction, or to help plants survive being ‘built-in’ to structures.

H1 Heliostats deliver natural broad-spectrum light to the tree and plants, allowing for healthy grow, and preservation of leave canopy.    The modular nature of the H1 heliostats allow the building operator to add additional light as needed.  The heliostat automatically makes small adjustments to keep light on a plant or tree even as the sun moves across the sky.

The heliostats can be easily managed by building or site staff via a simple web interface (no App or other software required).    Each heliostat delivers up to 150,000 Lumens of light energy to your plants, and up to 1300 Watts of heat.   Heliostats can be mounted on a roof or air-shaft edge, and either directly illuminate the tree(s), or in some cases use a fixed-position ‘down-mirror’ to direct light vertically down the shaft to the plants.

Advantages include natural spectrum light, preservation of the diurnal cycle (dark at night), no need to pay for electricity for grow lights, and much more.

Convex mirrors can be supplied to allow heliostats to to cover large plantation areas with light from relatively few fixed heliostat locations.

Our heliostats provide natural mirror-reflected light for trees and plant in building atria, terraces, and other interior spaces.


  • Growing trees with reflective light
  • Reflecting light onto plants
  • Mirrors to grow trees and large plants
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  • Courtyard Plants – how to provide light
  • Enclosed Spaces – how to keep plants alive
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