If you need extreme thermal performance, consider our new Vacuum Focus Mirror option
( Patent Pending ).

What is it:

  • We replace the standard Aluminum Composite Mirror normally shipped with the H1 Heliostat with a slightly thicker mirror – 1″ thick, with an air pressure chamber created behind the reflector.
  • You can adjust the reflection from a standard square (flat reflection) to a sharp circular focus, with very high energy flux and temperatures.
  • Focus is adjusted using inexpensive vacuum pumps (hand-powered or electric).
  • The focal distance can be adjusted from @ 6M (20 feet) to 30M (100 feet) or more.
  • You can semi-permanently deform the mirror to retain the focal distance you want.  Then open the air vent to the atmosphere.  Result:  your focus remains set, even as atmospheric pressure naturally varies throughout the day.
  • Focal spot size:  13 cm (5 inches) at 20 meters (65 feet).
  • Available Concentration:  100x


If you need intense heat from a few heliostats, the Vacuum Focus Mirror is ideal.  You can:

  • Heat industrial processes
  • Boil Water / Generate Steam
  • Cook food
  • Melt plastics


  • Long focal length allows for targeting distant objects
  • Long focal length allows multiple heliostats to hit same target
  • Rigid Aluminum Composite Panel reflector does not move / vibrate in wind
  • Focus can be adjusted, then kept permanently – no variation from atmospheric pressure changes
  • 100 to 1 concentration factor allows for intense energy flux and heat at target
  • Small focal size allows targeting of small apertures or other targets