Heliostats for Sale!

H1 HeliostatLightManufacturing is pleased to offer the commercial-grade H1 heliostat for sale to the general public and industrial clients.  Applications for the H1 include heating and lighting – the H1 heliostat delivers over 1300 watts of energy to a target in heating applications, and over 150,000 lumens for lighting.


…have traditionally been a hobbyist product on the smaller scale, or proprietary product used in large utility-scale ‘power-tower’ installations.   No commercial off the shelf (COTS) heliostats have been available in the US market, and only limited choices available in Europe.   LightManufacturing’s H1 heliostat solves this availability problem, providing an easy to setup, easy to use, powerful commercial grade heliostat with advanced features. Unlike glass-mirror heliostats which are expensive to transport due to their delicate reflector, LightManufacturing’s H1 uses a tensioned-membrane mirror that is shatterproof and tough, and provides better reflective properties.  Available wireless  systems let a user target one, or many H1 heliostats from a nearby computer, without connecting USB cables to each heliostat for configuration. Production of the H1 heliostat is US based, ensuring quick production and delivery times to the North American market.    LightManufacturing developed the H1 for solar thermal applications like Solar Rotational Molding (SRM™), but recognized the public’s need for a high-performance general-purpose heliostat and released the heliostat for purchase in non SRM uses.