amazing_technology“…What an amazing technology for the warmer parts of the developing world.

Light Manufacturing presented this technology to the ARMO conference in Goa. Further investigation of the website shows the product in action. However the website videos show a fairly small part being made and I wonder how the energy calculations stack up for larger mouldings, such as water tanks.

In any event, this technology offers a fantastic way for isolated communities with limited or no access to gas or electricity to start up a low cost manufacturing operation. Not only can they start a small business based in their community, they can actually produce products that will help with water storage and transportation.

The wheel-based water carrier recently profiled in would be a perfect product to make in these communities, with or without the dynamo. Charities should be looking at this to see if it offers a way for poorer communities to find their own way out of poverty. All the best ideas are pretty simple.  Jonathan Wurr

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves, although we note that 49% of the Earth’s land area is suitable for SRM, and it’s viable both in emerging markets and the developed world.  More details to come soon.   »  Here’s the link to the full article.