T1 Sun Tracker for PV Panels, Qty 1-3 [ no mirror ]


The LightManufacturing H1 heliostat delivers over 1300 watts of energy to a target or over 150,000 lumens for lighting applications.    The H1 offers the lowest cost-per-reflected watt of any commercially available heliostat. 



T1 Sun Tracker for mounting PV Panels.  Same performance as H1 heliostat, but optimized for sun tracking applications, or for user-installed mirror & heliostat applications.  NO MIRROR.

Key Advantages:

  • NEMA-enclosed microprocessor in each tracker, providing autonomous operation (configuring / programming one heliostat leaves rest of array operational.
  • Fast switching between user-defined targets.
  • Fast startup cycle
  • Easy field repair / adjustment
  • Wireless configuration and control from your laptop, tablet, smartphone via Browser – no software required.
  • Wifi / local internet required for use
  • Scalable:   systems from 1 to 100+ trackers.

Max loads:  80 lbs
Max panel size:  60″ x 60″

Not included:

  • Mounting Post 2.375″ diameter standard galvanized steel fence post
  • Power supply, 12V 3A minimum