Plastic shredding is critical for waste reclamation and reuse. Traditional shredding and pelletizing systems require grid-tie electricity, and are bulky and expensive. Transporting waste from collection points to a centralized facility is uneconomical.

Shredded Poly Rope, Ready for Solar Plastic Recycling

LightManufacturing SolarShredders are PV-powered, lightweight systems that are optimized for remote locations and smaller waste sources – beach waste, rural landfills, river waste, and beyond. Shred waste where it is collected!

When combined with our Solar Rotational Molding systems, SolarShredders offer complete local manufacturing, local recycling solution, with local employment and circular-economy benefits.

SolarShredder Models:
All systems include PV array with surge-demand SLA battery and charge controller.
Adjustable grate size generates coarse, medium, or fine particles for recycling or densification.

SS1 – 3KW array, 20cm throat width, 20 Kg/hour shred rate (medium particle size)
SS2 – 6KW array, 30cm throat width, 40 Kg/hour shred rate (medium particle size)

Ocean Plastic - prepared for recycling using solar plastic molding.
Recycled / Shredded Plastic, Solar Molded using SRM.