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LightManufacturing SRM3 System Deployed to Hawaii

Tank-molding solar factory will enable sustainable, zero-carbon manufacturing of water tanks at low cost.

Kailua-Kona, November 18, 2020    Hauled by crane, cargo ship, and giant forklift, an advanced solar ‘factory-in-a-box’ has arrived at NELHA on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Using heat from an array of 50 five-foot square sun tracking heliostats, the system uses up to 100,000 watts of solar thermal energy to heat molds and melt plastic to form high quality water tanks. 

“We entirely replace the need for fossil fuels”, says Engineer Quinn Marsh, one of LightManufacturing’s engineers.  The company reports that in addition to significant fuel costs savings the firm eliminates greenhouse gas and particulate pollution common to other manufacturing methods.  

The company hopes to improve access to low-cost water tanks and related products on the Island, while continuing to develop it’s patented technology.   The company has created a dedicated website for its Hawaii operations, http://bigisland.lm.solar , which includes an online store where residents can buy tanks.


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