Is the process economically competitive? Doesn’t Solar need subsidies?

Yes.  Unlike inefficient solar electric systems, our solar thermal systems capture and use over 75% of incident solar heat.  Also, the purchase cost of our heliostats and molding systems is much less than the equipment needed for traditional gas-fired plastic molding.

The result?  Lower buy-in costs AND  lower operating costs.   Solar thermal plastic molding out-competes traditional processes without subsidies – a rarity in the cleantech world.


The cost of Because we use the heat immediately to heat our molds,

Solar thermal technology  / CSP is much less expensive than solar electric technology, so the buy-in costs for a Solar Thermal Molding system are much less than traditional rotomolding systems.   Furthermore, the group of heliostats used in a solar thermal molding system can be quickly and easily retargeted from one place to another.  This ‘aimability’ allows us to simplify the design and reduce the cost of typical rotational molding (and vacuum forming) systems.