What can I do with a Heliostat?

Heliostats are the most efficient and low-cost way to harness solar energy.  Heliostats can:

  • heat homes, offices, and other buildings – one H1 heliostat can deliver over 2000 watts of heat, with no energy bill.
  • provide sunlight to shaded spaces – ‘daylighting’.  Rooms in some buildings always face away from the sun.  One H1 heliostat delivers over 230,000 lumens of beautiful natural light, free
  • replace fossil fuel heat in industrial processes – for example, in our solar rotational molding systems, LightManufacturing replaces expensive, polluting gas-fired ovens with an array of silent, clean heliostats.   Ask us how free solar thermal energy can transform your industry.
  • make steam / ‘process heat’ for industrial applications
  • enhance oil extraction
  • reduce the moisture content of crops – eg drying nuts prior to roasting, drying seafood
  • industrial-scale cooking
  • sterilize medical equipment
  • melt snow and ice
  • generate electricity in ‘power-tower’ applications
  • build solar furnaces / solar ovens

…and much more.