Heliostat Manufacturers

We’re proud to build the powerful, low cost H1 Heliostat, but there are a number of other interesting heliostat manufacturers out there. Some of these suppliers may be a good fit to your project; see links below.

Note: we only list general purpose, two-axis heliostats available for sale today. We’re not including companies that make kits or sub-components. Some companies that show up in search results for heliostat’ aren’t actually shipping product, so they’re not included in this list.

If you know of other heliostats that should be added please contact us!

http://heliostaat.nl/ – Netherlands-based heliostat
http://espaciosolar.com/ – interesting Brazilian maker of sun tubes and heliostats
http://wikoda.com – residential heliostats, makers of the ‘home heliostat’
http://www.bomin.de – former German maker of heliostats, used notably in the Genzyme building. Now make sun-shades.
https://lm.solar US manufacturer of the best-in-class H1 heliostat
http://tourneseul.fr – French heliostat maker, photocell tracking based.
http://solartowersystems.com – German heliostat and power-tower manufacturer. Unclear if single heliostats are sold
http://www.solar-motors.com Sat Control, Slovenian manufacturer of sun trackers and heliostats
http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1362268059/helios-a-diy-heliostat  Educational heliostat kit project on KickStarter